About JERAMIC® rechargeable 3V ML battery

JERAMIC® 3V ML (lithium-manganese) rechargeable coin series typically such as ML1220 and ML2032 have become formidably competitive products to those counterparts made in Japan and Germany. Shenzhen JERAMIC Materials Company has devoted its expertise to continuous innovative R&D at the leading edge of ML battery domain. The competitive advantages of JERAMIC® 3V ML series lie in their strikingly remarkable characteristics including mean-voltage boosted to as high as 2.8V even at 1mA discharge current and high rate discharge capacity at current level of several milliamperes at few cost of mean-voltage, meanwhile maintaining low self-discharge , elongated overcharge duration and an expectation of DOD10 life-span of more than 1000 cycles upon standard work condition. One last advantage is insanely affordable price for our customers to refuse by no means.

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High capacity TWS rechargeable coin batteries available

JERAMIC® patented Lir1254 and 1654 reach remarkable capacity as high as 65mAh and 130mAh respectively, which are ideal candidate energy suppliers for true wireless stereo (TWS) devices and portable electronics.

Excellent high-rate discharge characteristic

JERAMIC® ML rechargeable series including ML1220 and ML2032 are capable of discharge at higher rate at little expense of level of working voltage platform than those of veteran brands. For an instance, more than 80% quantity of electricity of its nominal capacity can be drained out of JERAMIC® ML1220 maintaining a mean voltage close to 2.7-volt  when the discharge current reaches as high a level as 2mA. In addition, JERAMIC® ML1220 provides a life-span of 200 cycles of DOD10 at 2mA comparable to the life expectation of Japan veteran counterparts whose end voltages after each DOD10 discharge at 2mA however fall to poor 2.1-2.2 intervals very near to cutoff level. These mean that JERAMIC® ML1220 batteries excel in power characteristics competent for harsh loading demand in circuits.